Friday, September 21, 2007

A Milestone.

I just discovered that my last post was my 200th, and I didn’t even realize it! In celebration, I’m going to try to come up with 200 facts about myself, but I’ll give them to you in installments so I don’t overwhelm you with everything Jacki.

1. I had a college reading level in the 4th grade.

2. I am numerically challenged.

3. I thought Michael Jackson was a girl until I was 15.

4. I have never been a patient in a hospital.

5. I was born in a birthing center, and no, a birthing center is not a hospital

6. I have the same birthmark on my stomach as my maternal grandfather had.

7. No I will not show it to you.

8. I love dirt.

9. I grew up around dirt.

10. My dad sells dirt for a living.

11. Now my husband does, too.

12. The combination of peanut butter and chocolate has always made me nauseous.

13. I decided to spell Jacki with no “e” on the end in the 6th grade

14. I did it to be different

15. My mom put up with it because my full name is Jacqueline.

16. It actually made things simpler when my maiden name also had no “e” on the end

17. My maiden name is Cook.

18. Now that my married name is Wolfe (with and “e”), everyone spells my name wrong.

19. There are approximately one million different ways to spell Jacki.

20. I met my husband at a summer camp.

21. He dated my friend before he dated me.

22. No, I did not steal him from her!

23. We were good friends for a year before we started dating

24. I swore we would never date.

25. My mom called our relationship first.

26. I started out going to college at the University of South Florida.

27. The summer before I went to college, I started dating Mike.

28. Mike went to the University of Florida

29. Suddenly, USF didn’t look so appealing.

30. I moved to Gainesville after one semester at USF.

31. One and a half years later, we got married.

32. I worked at pet stores during college.

33. I loved working with animals, even though it was sometimes a disgusting job.

34. I got tired of doing retail and babysat during my senior year.

35. I missed working with animals

36. I did NOT miss working with people.

37. Up until I added on my little cousin, I was the shortest person in my wedding party.

38. I am five-foot eight inches tall.

39. My husband is six-foot five.

40. Our wedding party wore flip-flops.

41. I got my wedding dress from a consignment shop.

42. My mom made my bridesmaid’s dresses.

43. When I was in high school I donated my hair to Locks of Love

44. My first trip out of the country was to Canada

45. I was four years old.

46. The only thing I remember about Canada was they don’t use ice.

47. I am very ticklish.

48. I have never bought a lottery ticket

49. I love Family Guy.

50. I used to be obsessed over the Matrix.

51. As in, I could quote the entire movie.

52. The last two Matrix movies ruined the series for me.

52. I get motion sickness very easily.

53. I HATE cockroaches.

54. When Mike “takes care” of a cockroach, he has to wash his hands in scalding hot water before he can touch me.

55. I grew up watching Star Trek.

56. I still love Star Trek.

57. I love anything involving mint and chocolate.

58. I was born in 1985.

59. I have one older brother.

60. I studied psychology in college.

61. I decided halfway through college that I wanted to teach

62. The college of education at UF told me I would have to start college over if I wanted to go through their program.

63. I said, “uh, no thanks.”

64. I’m starting a program in November so I can be certified to teach.

65. I was at UF when we won three National Championships in a row.

66. I love Oreos.

67. I was on the flag corp in high school

68. I talk to my animals like they can talk back.

69. They talk back.

70. Just not verbally.

71.I had very dark hair when I was born.

72. My hair turned blonde when my baby hair fell out.

73. it’s gotten progressively darker as I’ve gotten older

74. I started highlighting it last year.

75. I love growing things.

76. I’m trying to grow my own vegetables.

77. I hated living in an apartment.

78. Mostly because of the, er, “newlyweds” in the apartment above us.

79. I always change my mind about what my favorite season is depending on what season it is.

80. I love to read for fun.

81. I feel sad for people that hate to read.

82. I feel mad when they teach their kids that reading is no fun.

83. I always have a stack of books to be read.

84. I check more books out at the library than I can actually read.

85. My mom taught me how to cross-stitch.

86. I wish I had paid more attention when she tried to teach me how to use the sewing machine.

87. My mom fostered my love for reading.

88. My dad fostered my love for nature.

89. One of my favorite things to do as a kid was go to the hardware store with my dad.

90. I love the smell of baking bread,

91. I grew up Methodist.

92. I love collecting recipes.

93. I love my big kitchen.

94. I can be very gullible.

95. I hate fake people.

96. I drive a Malibu Maxx.

97. I love a good salad, with lots of stuff on it.

98. My first car was a Ford Ranger

99. I got a 100 on the test I took to get my driver’s permit.

100. I failed my driving test. Twice.


Melissa said...

I like you even more after reading the first installment, especially for 80-83.

The view from my lap can be seen here

(I hope that link works - more often than not, I do something wrong and it shows up as "Page Not Found - Nice Try, You Idiot.")

stuart said...

Those are great! I feel like I'm a step closer to knowing you better now.