Saturday, September 08, 2007

Cross-Stitch Update

I was working on my cross-stitching today, and I realized that I hadn't shown you my progress, awhile. Last time I showed you this project, it was just a tiny brown blob.

I'm nearly done with the top half. The giraffes and Technicolor zebras are done, and the elephants just need backstitching. I also deviated a little from the pattern with the bird that's perched on the lady giraffe - it's supposed to be just a regular ol'bird, but I changed it to make it (hopefully) look like a duck. When Sherri was pregnant, she had a duck fetish, and her only complaint about this pattern was that there weren't any DUCKIES on it. Well, never fear, SuperJacki is here!

Right now I'm working on the lions on the right side. The bottom half is basically just more of the boat and water, so that should go by pretty quickly. Hopefully this will be done before baby Lydia goes off to college!

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