Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Not A Lot Going On

There hasn't been a whole lot of excitement here lately, hence my lack of posts with anything but pictures in them. Since we moved in May I haven't been working, except here and there for the family business. My teacher training program doesn't start in November - provided I get in, provided UF ever sends me my transcript so I can send in my application, but that's another story. Next week I take my training course to be certified to substitute teach, then I can at least be doing something productive. That will be really nice. Last night Mike told me that the general sense of frustration that has been invading my consciousness probably comes from my wanting to do something I consider productive - which, according to him, is in my genes. He should know I guess, since he works for my dad. And he's probably right. This waiting is getting old. Waiting to start making some money so we can decorate the house. Waiting until we can afford to buy paint so we can hang things on the bare walls. Waiting on UF to put their rear in gear. Waiting for next week to get here so my life can start. And the worst part is, once all this gets put into motion, I'll miss this quiet time I have now. Ah...life!

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Melissa said...

Grrrr to waiting! I've been waiting on a few things lately and it sucks bigtime. I've always thought of myself as a patient person until recent concrete examples have proved me wrong.

Wishing you all the patience in the world (it WILL happen).