Thursday, August 09, 2007

I Rock!

My good friend Dee over at The Daily Stitch nominated me as a Rockin' Girl Blogger a while ago, and I'm just now deciding who I want to nominate myself. I probably should have done that before I put this nifty little badge in my sidebar, but I was so excited to know that I rock, I lost my head!

One reason it took me so long to decided who to nominate is this: I realized that almost all of the blogs I read are written by guys! So I may not get to five women, but I'll list a few of the guys whom I think are also pretty rockin'.

  1. My dearest mommy, Vicky over at Keepin' Up With Vicky and Steve. She just started her blog to chronicle her recent trip to Alaska with my dad, and has decided to keep it going. Maybe she'll actually start on that now that people will be going over there from here :) What can I say about my mom...she's beautiful, even though she won't admit it. She and my dad were wonderful examples to my brother and I. She stayed home with us and did things that my friend's mothers couldn't, like make our clothes and make dinner every night. She is a blessing to everyone she knows.
  2. Christine over at Fruit In Season. She has one of the most beautiful blogs I've ever seen, and her faith amazes me. She's really committed to facilitating the spiritual growth of other women through her blog, despite having a colicky baby. I've been going to her blog for a while, but have only recently started commenting. She has the cutest kids EVER!
  3. Melissa over at Grossly Unimaginative. Another new blogging friend, but I've enjoyed reading through her archives. She is quite possibly one of the funniest writers I've ever read.
  4. Dee over at the Daily Stitch. I don't know if I can nominate the person that nominated me, but I'm going to be a rebel and do just that. I first met Dee when I was in high school, and one of the first things I remember her saying to me was, "I have a son about your age...I'll be a good mother-in-law!" She'll probably be embarrassed that I told you that, but it's true. Despite the fact that I did not marry her son, Dee has gone from being "my mom's friend Dee" to "my friend Dee." We share a love for crafting, and she makes the most beautiful socks ever. I'm glad to be her friend in the blogosphere and in real life.
And that's all I got in the way of women. I think I'll save the guys for another post. Visit again soon!


Melissa said...

I came over to check out the 7/28 post, and what a nice surprise this was! I'm glad you enjoy reading my blog, and I like what I read here too!

Anonymous said...

Wellllll...I'm not embarrassed. I still think I would have been a good MIL to ya!

So, since you found this really great guy, I'll just settle for being a really good friend. That works for me.

P.S. I think you would have made an awesome DIL too!

Christine said...

Thanks, Jacki!! How cool! Thanks for the award, though in my current state I don't feel very rockin', just tired! :)

Blessings to you this weekend!