Sunday, July 22, 2007

Sunday Cross-Stitch Update

I've been working along the bottom of the wreath. Although this project is slow-going, there have been no catastrophic mistakes as of yet. Now that I have some of the backstitching done, I'm pretty pleased with the way it's coming along. The flowers on the bottom part of the wreath are really pretty in the graph, so I'm anxious to see how those come out. Once they're done I'll be almost halfway!


Anonymous said...

Will I get to see this in person on Thursday?

Jacki said...

I think so. The only thing that might change my mind is if the materials for the baby name sampler I need to do for a friend comes in. That project is much smaller and therefore easier to transport. Then again, I want to show off my handiwork! We'll see. Either way, I'm def. looking forward to Stiching Day!