Friday, July 13, 2007

Pictures from our graduation party

We got our families together last Sunday for a party to celebrate Mike and I graduating. We met at the Red Wing restaurant, where we had a special room reserved for us. After lunch we went to my parent's house for dessert.

I guess the women of Mike's family aren't very technologically-skilled. Here they are trying to figure out how a camera works :)

The women of my family, however, are very skilled at talking.

This is Mike's Uncle Kevin, his father Clyde, and my dad Steve, "talkin' bid-ness."

I love it when our two families get together.

My two cousins, April and Rachel, with their dad Randy. Randy works with my dad and Mike at the family business.

Me with one of my bestest friends, Aaron. He fit right in with the family. You can also see my new glasses in this picture - like them?


Laura said...

Hey Jacki. In that picture we were scrolling through and looking at pictures my mom had taken. We're actually very technologically-skilled. :]

Jacki said...

Whatever you say, Laura :)