Sunday, July 15, 2007

House Pictures!!

Now that the boxes are mostly unpacked, I'll show you some pictures of our new house. You won't be seeing pictures of the office or guest bedroom, however, because that's where the rest of the boxes are, along with a general state of disarray. The only thing that's still in boxes are decorating items, most of which I don't think I want to keep. They're mostly hand-me-downs and garage-sale finds, and I think I'd rather live with an empty house and build it up from the ground, room-by-room. But on to the pictures:

The master bedroom, with our new king-sized bed and comforter. I still need to get some pillows and things for the bed (and put on the bedskirt), and I'd like to get some nice wood blinds. Eventually we want to get our own set of bedroom furniture.

The table belonged to Mike's grandmother.

The dining room. This table also belonged to Mike's grandparents. You can also see a very naughty kitty who got sprayed with a water bottle right after this picture was taken. We'll get a table of our own someday.

The front door and sitting room. Someday I'm going to get some nice furniture and make it a real, formal family room.

The spartan question-mark room that I don't know what to do with. We're thinking about moving the dining table in here and seeing how we like it. If we keep it that way, I want to get a new light fixture. That leaves us with an empty half of the great room - I'm thinking maybe a bistro table in front of the greenhouse window?? The kitchen is off to the right.

The living room., with Mike's baby, the big-screen t.v. Our goals for this room: get a nice couch and coffee table, and decorate the shelving more attractively. I think I also want to paint the bricks on the fireplace a non-ugly color and make the area under shelf on the right a book-nook.

Our pool, which I've been working on to bring it back from the neglected state it was in when we moved in. I also pulled up all the weeds and put down pine bark. Next step: container gardens!

I've never posted a picture of the front of the house. You can also see my car, which I never posted a picture of, like I said I would. I want to paint the garage, shutters, and door a blue color; either navy or royal.

The front yard. We want to put down pine bark or mulch of some sort in various places to minimize the amount of grass to be mowed and watered.

So there you have it. We are still very happy with the house. Even in this spartan state, it's much better than an apartment!


Anonymous said...

Ohhhh...what pretty hardwood floors. They are nice!!!

Very cute house.

Jacki said...

Wow...I'm glad they look like hardwood in the pictures, but they're actually vinyl. If you see it in person you can definitely tell. It's not in very good shape in some places, and we want to get something different eventually. No carpet, though! Nasty dust-collectors is what they are! :)