Sunday, July 29, 2007

Sunday Cross-Stitch Update

I'm pleased with the progress I've made this week. I had some problems with the rose at the bottom of the wreath coming out right, so now that I've started the second rose I'm being really careful to get it right.
Here's a comparison from last week so you can see my progress:
And a close-up so you can see the detail:
Now it's time to set aside this project for a little while to make a baby name sampler for my friend Sherri's baby. When it's finished, it will be Noah's Ark, but right now it's just a brown blob:
Exciting, isn't it? It's part of the ark, and the thread is "woodrose" by Simply Shaker, hand-dyed. The ark is such a large part of the sampler, I thought it would be nicer to use something variegated. The piece is pretty large, but it should go quickly; it's a simple pattern. Hopefully next week this piece will be more exciting.

Saturday, July 28, 2007

This is what happens when it's time for Sophie's bath:

She suddenly becomes a lapdog. A 45-pound lap dog. As soon as she heard the word "bath" last night, she jumped in my lap, presumably hoping I would save her from this awful fate. No such luck. Mike (aka, "mean ole' daddy") removed all the stink she worked so hard to build up. Now she has to start all over! It must be so hard being a dog...

Friday Eye Candy (A Day Late!)

On Wednesday, you got to see me as a little girl, so here's Mike taking baby swimming lessons. This picture was taken by a journalist for the local newspaper in St. Augustine in 1985 (I think). My mother-in-law also has an adorable picture of him from the same day, where she's handing him to the instructor in the water and Mike is screaming bloody murder. I guess he decided he likes the water!

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Wordless Wednesday - Me and Grandpa Crecelius, 1986

Sunday, July 22, 2007

Sunday Cross-Stitch Update

I've been working along the bottom of the wreath. Although this project is slow-going, there have been no catastrophic mistakes as of yet. Now that I have some of the backstitching done, I'm pretty pleased with the way it's coming along. The flowers on the bottom part of the wreath are really pretty in the graph, so I'm anxious to see how those come out. Once they're done I'll be almost halfway!

Friday, July 20, 2007

Eye Candy Friday - Designated Driver?

Mike took this picture at a horse farm several weeks ago, and I just had to share it!

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Wordless Wednesday: A Leap of Faith...

Sunday, July 15, 2007

House Pictures!!

Now that the boxes are mostly unpacked, I'll show you some pictures of our new house. You won't be seeing pictures of the office or guest bedroom, however, because that's where the rest of the boxes are, along with a general state of disarray. The only thing that's still in boxes are decorating items, most of which I don't think I want to keep. They're mostly hand-me-downs and garage-sale finds, and I think I'd rather live with an empty house and build it up from the ground, room-by-room. But on to the pictures:

The master bedroom, with our new king-sized bed and comforter. I still need to get some pillows and things for the bed (and put on the bedskirt), and I'd like to get some nice wood blinds. Eventually we want to get our own set of bedroom furniture.

The table belonged to Mike's grandmother.

The dining room. This table also belonged to Mike's grandparents. You can also see a very naughty kitty who got sprayed with a water bottle right after this picture was taken. We'll get a table of our own someday.

The front door and sitting room. Someday I'm going to get some nice furniture and make it a real, formal family room.

The spartan question-mark room that I don't know what to do with. We're thinking about moving the dining table in here and seeing how we like it. If we keep it that way, I want to get a new light fixture. That leaves us with an empty half of the great room - I'm thinking maybe a bistro table in front of the greenhouse window?? The kitchen is off to the right.

The living room., with Mike's baby, the big-screen t.v. Our goals for this room: get a nice couch and coffee table, and decorate the shelving more attractively. I think I also want to paint the bricks on the fireplace a non-ugly color and make the area under shelf on the right a book-nook.

Our pool, which I've been working on to bring it back from the neglected state it was in when we moved in. I also pulled up all the weeds and put down pine bark. Next step: container gardens!

I've never posted a picture of the front of the house. You can also see my car, which I never posted a picture of, like I said I would. I want to paint the garage, shutters, and door a blue color; either navy or royal.

The front yard. We want to put down pine bark or mulch of some sort in various places to minimize the amount of grass to be mowed and watered.

So there you have it. We are still very happy with the house. Even in this spartan state, it's much better than an apartment!
What I've been up to...

My mom taught me how to cross-stitch, and she has made me many beautiful pieces over the years. My parents celebrated their 30th wedding anniversary this past June, and I knew I wanted to make them something for a change. I saw this piece and fell in love with it, hoping I could finish it in time for their anniversary. I love my parents, but I don't know what I was thinking! This is a BIG project, and obviously I didn't finish it in time. BUT - it will be beautiful when it's done. I haven't posted it before for two reasons:

1) It was a surprise up until my parent's anniversary.
2) It's going slower than molasses in July.

Since their anniversary has passed, I've been determined to work harder on the piece so I can finish it sooner rather than later. Here's a picture of the progress I've made in the past two days (look at the bottom):

I've been working on the backstitching, because I was getting discouraged. I felt like I wasn't getting anywhere with this project, because it was a multi-colored blob. But now I think it looks pretty good. But this is still the slowest-going project I've EVER done. And it's going to have to be put on hold temporarily, because I need to get started on a name sampler for a friend who's due in August.

Friday, July 13, 2007

I have very friendly animals...

Brooklyn is known for being aloof, especially when people come over, but she's taken a liking to my dad. Most cats seem to like him, probably because he's a very calm, mostly quiet person.

Sophie makes friends with everyone! Here she is with our friends Jen and Bob, who came over last night for dinner. I've known Jen since the fourth grade, and I'm thrilled that we live close to each other again. She and Bob are getting married in November.

The moral of the story is: don't come to my house if you have animal allergies!
Eye Candy Friday - The Little Plant that Could

I potted this plant about a year ago, layering different kinds of soil in the vase to make it pretty. I used about an inch of aquarium gravel for the bottom layer to provide drainage. When we moved, it got stuck in a box at the last minute, and didn't get pulled out until 2 weeks ago, when Mike discovered it still in the box in the garage. It had survived the heat of the garage in the complete absence of light and only had two yellowed leaves. It went straight into my greenhouse window and had been enjoying regular waterings with water from the fish tank, which has made the remaining foliage green right up. Now that's what I call a will to live!
Pictures from our graduation party

We got our families together last Sunday for a party to celebrate Mike and I graduating. We met at the Red Wing restaurant, where we had a special room reserved for us. After lunch we went to my parent's house for dessert.

I guess the women of Mike's family aren't very technologically-skilled. Here they are trying to figure out how a camera works :)

The women of my family, however, are very skilled at talking.

This is Mike's Uncle Kevin, his father Clyde, and my dad Steve, "talkin' bid-ness."

I love it when our two families get together.

My two cousins, April and Rachel, with their dad Randy. Randy works with my dad and Mike at the family business.

Me with one of my bestest friends, Aaron. He fit right in with the family. You can also see my new glasses in this picture - like them?

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Wordless Wednesday - Contemplative Kitty

The day I was born....

...the #1 song was "We Are the World" by USA for Africa - April 17th, 1985, in case you were wondering.

I'm trying to remember if I've ever even heard this it the one that's like "I'd like to teach the world to sing...".....?

Want to know what the #1 song was on your birthday? Go here, then post it on your blog.

p.s. - hope you like the new layout! I was getting reports that the old one was looking funky in some browsers. Please let me know if this one does the same, because it looks fine on my computer!

Monday, July 09, 2007

Please hold...

I got home today from a wonderful lunch with friends, and my caller ID said I had missed seven phone calls. All of them were from telemarketers. I laid down for a few minutes, because the antibiotics that I'm taking for an unmentionable infection are doing a doozy on my stomach. I lay down...and the phone rings. Telemarketer. I didn't answer. I get up a few minutes later, and the same number calls me again. I decided to pick up the phone and ask them as nicely as possible to take me off their list - even though I was unsure of how nice I could be at that moment. I answered, and this is what I hear:

[computer voice]: Hello!!! I have a call for you!!! Please hold for the next available service representative.

[elevator music]

[computer voice again]: A service representative will be with you in just a moment. We appreciate your patience.

[elevator music]

[guess who?]: You call is the next in line. Please hold.

[elevator music]


[computer voice]: Hello!!! I have a call for you!!! Please hold for the next available service representative.

[elevator music]

[computer voice again]: A service representative will be with you in just a moment. We appreciate your patience.


That last part was from me. Now I know why people get rid of their landlines. Unfortunately, Cingular refuses to do anything about the horrible cell reception we get at the house, so that's not an option. And yes, I did get on the National Do Not Call List, but it takes up to 31 days to take effect.

In other news, Miss Kitty ran away. I've been working on taking out the weeds around our pool, and on Wednesday we put down pine bark on the fresh dirt, and the latch on the porch door didn't get pulled in all the way. She must have gotten out overnight. We tried to help her out, but she took fate into her own hands. I hope she does well, wherever she winds up.

The boxes are pretty much taken care of, except for the boxes of decorations. I'm not sure I'll use all of my decorations; most of them are hand-me-downs or garage sale finds. I'd rather not use most of it and wait until I can find stuff I really like. Other than that, it's pretty much been the same ol' same ol'.

Monday, July 02, 2007

Kitty Hobo?

I'm just now writing about this because I still can't believe it's happened again. Last week, Mike and I were at a gas station when we saw a cat running straight for the busy highway. Before I even knew what I was doing, I was out of the car and had grabbed the cat. Not knowing what else to do, I put her in the car. It was at this point that I realized that she was pretty wild, because she did NOT like being in that car! We took her home and put her on our porch, and the next morning I somehow got her into a cat carrier and drove around the neighborhood near the gas station looking for lost cat signs. I didn't see any, so I took her to our vet's office to have them look for a microchip. They took her into a back room, and the vet tech brought her back out a few minutes later and said, "There's no microchip...but she IS pregnant!!!" Like that was some sort of consolation prize or something.

I remember learning about the Great Depression in school. We learned that hobos would write the addresses of places where they could find a handout on train station walls so the other hobos would know where to go. I'm beginning to wonder if kitties don't have a similar system, because the ones in need always seem to find me. It looks like we'll be having more kittens to take care of soon, but this time I'll be responsible for finding homes for them. I hope I can find a good home for Ms. Kitty too, as she's come to be called. I managed to get some pictures of her, thanks to the zoom function on my camera. She's getting more used to human contact; she lets me pet her for brief periods of time. Brooklyn and Morgan don't know WHAT to think of the strange creature living on the porch.

Anyone want a kitten? :)