Friday, June 15, 2007

The Vacation Diaries Continued: Wednesday, June 6th, 2007

We decided we wanted to see some trees, after the starkness of Virginia City yesterday. That meant going into California, so we decided to go to South Lake Tahoe. We opened the door to our unit and it was cold! It’s been warm so far, but the high today was 55, low 23! On the way to Tahoe we were trying to figure out what was hitting our windshield, and once we stopped we realized it was snow flurries! In June!! By the time we got there it was almost time for lunch, so we found a place called the Fresh Ketch, which advertised itself as being right on the water. Well, it was, but in a marina, not Lake Tahoe like I was expecting. It was neat seeing all the rich-people yachts go by, but not what I was expecting. We both had the fish and chips and weren’t overly impressed. After that we drove around a little and pulled into a public park that was right on the beach. There were lots of Canadian Geese and seagulls there begging food off of the people, and even some squirrels. We saw one climb right up a lady’s leg to get a potato chip.

Mike making friends with the local animals

A ground squirrel. We don't have these in Florida!

Later, we were shopping in an outdoor store, and it started…snowing!! Enough to accumulate on parked cars! We took the long way back to Reno around Lake Tahoe, and we saw snow everywhere! When we got out to take pictures we couldn’t stay out for very long, even though we had jackets. It must have been 20 degrees.

I drove for the first time in snow AND in the mountains. I was very proud of myself. I downshifted like a pro J When we got back to Reno we went to a restaurant called the Black Bear Diner, and the food was good. I had a Belgian waffle with fresh blueberries, and Mike had a French dip sandwich. We were worn out from today! Maybe it was the cold. We really enjoyed all the great views today. I can’t get over how tall the trees are in California!

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