Friday, May 04, 2007

Yesterday my mom came to visit me with my aunt, who is visiting from New Mexico. We went to Trenton, where there's a quilt shop with a cross-stitch shop next to it. It was great to see my aunt. She was diagnosed with cancer when I was in middle school, and last year it came back and we didn't think she had much time left with us. It was amazing to think that just last year she didn't know what each day held for her, and now her cancer it under control with chemo. She has a very strong faith and is one of those people who makes you re-think what's important.

Here's my aunt Debbie in front of a mural in Trenton.

And here's me and my mommy :)

Later that day, I watched my boys and took Stripes along with me. She immediately made herself comfortable on their shoe shelf.

The house is coming along sloooooooooowly. The appraiser is dragging his feet, but we finally have him coming in on Monday. I'll be able to relax a little more once that's done. The bad news is, our mortgage agent told us we might not be able to close on the 11th after all, depending on how soon we can get insurance. That is NOT good news for me. I wish we could move tomorrow! I'm already concerned about getting cabin fever next week, to hear that we may have to wait longer makes me want to scream. I know that hang-ups are to be expected in the house-buying process, but knowing that doesn't make it any easier when they come.

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