Friday, May 04, 2007

House Pictures!!

I've been reluctant to post house pictures, because I'm nervous of something happening and the deal falling through. But we're getting close and you guys are getting antsy, so here we go:

The view in the front door. And my dad :)

The floors are vinyl throughout - no carpet! I'm just fine with having no carpet, because I'm always grossed out by how much my vacuum picks up - and even more grossed out by what it doesn't.

The family room, which will probably be bare for awhile until we can get some furniture :)

To the left is the Master Bedroom, to the right is the kitchen. We'll probably put our dining table here.

My BIG kitchen! With lots of cupboard space!!!

I want to update the hardware on the cabinets, but otherwise the kitchen is good for now.

The living room. That's a fireplace at the end. It's a very long, kinda narrow room.

The view from the other end of the living room.

Looking from the living room into the third bedroom, which has no windows. It'll make a good office/Gator room! Renters had occupied the house previously, and the teenager that stayed in this room took a permanent marker and wrote poems and drew cartoon characters all over the walls! It took several coats of paint to cover that up.

Looking from the hallway into the second bedroom.

Second bedroom.

The second bathroom. Having another bathroom is one thing that I'm very excited about. I need ideas for decorating in here with the green tile, though - I've heard pink floral, but that won't excite Mike.

Looking into the Master Bedroom.

The Master Bathroom's sink is open to the rest of the bedroom, while the toilet and shower are separate.

The Master Bathroom.

Master Bedroom walk-in closet.

Mike is really excited about having a garage.

And I'm really excited about having washer/dryer hookups!

I have a cool greenhouse window in the living room.

You can see how close the pool is to the screen door. Having a pool wasn't a "must" for me, but I think it'll be nice.

There's a little storage area off of the porch for pool supplies.

There's an area for landscaping around the pool.

The Backyard.
That ugly shed you see belongs to our new neighbors. They're the ones whose house we almost bought.

There you have it! Now to just get moved in!!

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Kathleen Wolfe said...

I'm so excited for you guys!! The house is really cool! I especially like the flooring, that's really nice not having carpet! And the pool is definitely an added bonus.