Monday, May 07, 2007

For my sixteenth birthday, all I really wanted was a kitten. I got a cell phone, and I think I was the only sixteen-year old on the planet who was slightly disappointed with getting a cell phone for her birthday. I did end up getting a cat later, but he stayed with my parents when I went to college and is really their cat now.

Well, I have finally gotten a kitten for my birthday. I would like for you all to meet Morgan.

If she looks a little familiar, that's because you formerly knew her as Furever the foster kitten. The Humane Society originally thought she was a boy, so we named her Moses. Today we had our suspicions confirmed: he was a she, and Stripes is a boy! Apparently some wires got crossed at some point. I was thinking about changing her name to Miriam, since that was the name of Moses' sister, but I really liked how we were going to shorten Moses to Moe, and I wanted to keep that nickname, so we decided on Morgan. Sophie and Brooklyn are just thrilled to have a new sister! Mike was hoping to not be so outnumbered, being the only boy in the household, but he loves her just as much as I do. Welcome, Morgan Wolfe!!

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Anonymous said...

I suspected you would keep one (or more) of the kittens. Morgan is so sweet.