Monday, May 21, 2007

And we're back!!

We made it through the move, taking three more trips back and forth between Gainesville and Leesburg than we hoped for, and our house is still strewn with boxes, but we're in our HOUSE! Sometimes I just can't believe it. We are so blessed. Now for some pictures:

I had Brooklyn and Morgan in separate carriers, and when we got to the house, I opened to doors to their carriers to let them come out when they were ready. Morgan darted out of her carrier into Brooklyn's, and they cuddled together until Moe got brave enough to venture out later that night. It was so cute, Morgan running to her big sister for comfort!

Brooke took longer to check things out; I didn't see her come out until the next day.

Discovering the greenhouse window! It's her favorite spot now.

See that cup on the right wheel well? It stayed there until we were less than a mile from our house, when Mike had to pull a U-turn.

Sophie - happy dog in the big kitchen!

Stay tuned for pictures from my brother's graduation in Kentucky!

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Anonymous said...

Happy Homecoming!!!!

A greenhouse window???? I'm so jealous. I see herbs. Lots and lots of herbs!