Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Book Catch-Up

I started out the year listing all the books I had read, but fell out of the habit once the house-buying process kicked in. I HAVE been reading, although not as much as I usually like to. Here are some of them:

  • Stick a Geranium in Your Hat an Be Happy, by Barbara Johnson.

  • This book was not what I was expecting. I thought it was going to be more about overcoming pain in your life, and in a roundabout way, it was. The author details all the pain she has gone through in her life, but I found the book to be lacking in strategies for overcoming adversity, save for some cute quotes and Bible verses at the end of each chapter. The book mainly focuses on how the author's son came out of the closet, and how this put her life into a tailspin. I think this book was geared more toward ladies from the author's generation: 50s and above. Overall, I didn't really think it was worth reading.

  • The Covenant, by Beverly Lewis

  • This was part of the Abram's daughters series by Beverly Lewis. Lewis writes lots of books about the Amish community, which I have always been interested in. I read this book in one day, on the way back from Kentucky. I could not get enough of this book! Something about the simplicity of the Amish life intrigues me.

Like I told my brother when I was in Kentucky, "I look forward to actually learning now that I'm done with college." I plan on reading a lot more, and what I want to! Look for more as I remember what I've read.

Boxes and Doctors

The boxes are slooooooooowly disappearing, and things are returning more and more to a sense of normalcy. We're still LOVING the house! Sometimes I just stand in a room and think, "This is ours!" It's nice to have so much room.

The unpacking process has been slowed a little by my reoccuring sickness. It all started with the smoke and ash in Gainesville before we moved. I tried to stay out of it as much as possible, but I wound up with bronchitis anyway. I also got an ear infection from all the nastiness in my head. So I went to the doctor - a doc-in-the-box place which made me wait 2 hours to be seen, and walked out with antibiotics and an inhaler. A week later, the antibiotics had thoroughly cleaned me out (ugh) and for some reason the inhaler makes me gag and empty the contents of my stomach. Kind of counterproductive, and I'm still not better! So today I made another trip to the doctor (only an hour's wait this time!) and got another round of medicines to try. My main concern is that Mike and I are flying out to Reno for a vacation on Friday, and I've done the whole flying-with-head-congestion thing before, and I don't care to do it again. Hopefully this will work. It's frustrating for me to not be up to full speed.

Morgan also went to the doctor today, and it wasn't a very good visit. She needed some more shots, so we went to a new vet, and everyone in the waiting room was amazed at how calm she was. She slept through all the commotion - what they didn't know was that she had been playing since 5 o'clock this morning! When we finally got in to see the vet (what is it with offices in Leesburg?), they found some bad news: Morgan has a heart murmur. It's not a big one, thankfully, and it could close on its own. If not, she may live a fairly normal life with it...or not. I'm hoping this will take care of itself, because even though we haven't had her very long, she is truly my baby. They want to see her again in a few weeks, so we'll know more then. Until then, please be in prayer for my kitten.

Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God. And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus
-Philippians 4:6-7

Friday, May 25, 2007

Just a quick note to post a great article I found about defensive driving. I learned a few things!

Drive Like a Cop

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Look how much she's grown!!

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Kentucky: More than Just Fried Chicken

My parents and I got back Sunday night from Louisville. Thankfully, it wasn't what I was expecting:

My dad and I drove up Wednesday, went to see my parent's property in Tennessee, and met my mom (who had flown up earlier in the week) and my brother in Kentucky. My brother graduated from Southern Baptist Theological Seminary with a Master of Arts in Worship, so we got to see him graduate:

Dad and I stopped at the Sugarland Visitor Center on the way up, which was one of my favorite places to visit as a child. It has taxidermied animals inside.

My dad. Over his shoulder is the view from what will eventually be the view from his backyard.

Some wildflowers in Tennessee.

Looking from Louisville into Indiana from the top floor of our hotel.

We went to a President's reception in the college President's mansion, which was beautiful. This is my brother in the library, which has over 50,000 volumes, almost all of which the President has read.

My brother and I at a State Park on the Ohio River.

Monday, May 21, 2007

And we're back!!

We made it through the move, taking three more trips back and forth between Gainesville and Leesburg than we hoped for, and our house is still strewn with boxes, but we're in our HOUSE! Sometimes I just can't believe it. We are so blessed. Now for some pictures:

I had Brooklyn and Morgan in separate carriers, and when we got to the house, I opened to doors to their carriers to let them come out when they were ready. Morgan darted out of her carrier into Brooklyn's, and they cuddled together until Moe got brave enough to venture out later that night. It was so cute, Morgan running to her big sister for comfort!

Brooke took longer to check things out; I didn't see her come out until the next day.

Discovering the greenhouse window! It's her favorite spot now.

See that cup on the right wheel well? It stayed there until we were less than a mile from our house, when Mike had to pull a U-turn.

Sophie - happy dog in the big kitchen!

Stay tuned for pictures from my brother's graduation in Kentucky!

Monday, May 07, 2007

For my sixteenth birthday, all I really wanted was a kitten. I got a cell phone, and I think I was the only sixteen-year old on the planet who was slightly disappointed with getting a cell phone for her birthday. I did end up getting a cat later, but he stayed with my parents when I went to college and is really their cat now.

Well, I have finally gotten a kitten for my birthday. I would like for you all to meet Morgan.

If she looks a little familiar, that's because you formerly knew her as Furever the foster kitten. The Humane Society originally thought she was a boy, so we named her Moses. Today we had our suspicions confirmed: he was a she, and Stripes is a boy! Apparently some wires got crossed at some point. I was thinking about changing her name to Miriam, since that was the name of Moses' sister, but I really liked how we were going to shorten Moses to Moe, and I wanted to keep that nickname, so we decided on Morgan. Sophie and Brooklyn are just thrilled to have a new sister! Mike was hoping to not be so outnumbered, being the only boy in the household, but he loves her just as much as I do. Welcome, Morgan Wolfe!!

Sunday, May 06, 2007

It is late, I can't sleep, and I have something on my mind.

These three things together may not make for a very eloquent rambling, but there's something I've been thinking about on and off for the past several weeks.

Last week Mike and I went to a friend's house who is a professor at the University of Florida. He has been leading a Bible study this semester, which I've been to a few times, and he and his wife hosted an end-of-semester dinner, which we were invited to. There was a couple there who had just become engaged. They seemed very nice, and during the discussion part of the evening, they both seemed to have an intimate relationship with God. Over the course of the evening, they mentioned several things in passing that made me wonder if they were living together. After we left, Mike and I compared our notes and concluded that yes, they must be living together. Hmmm. Then the next day, I got a friend request on myspace from an old friend from middle school to whom I haven't spoken in years. I was puttering around on her myspace page, and I read her "about me" section, which said something like, "Hi, my name is ******* and I live with my boyfriend *******. I love the Lord with all my heart and know Jesus can get me through anything!" And on it went about her relationship with God.

What's going on here? Is this a new thing where all the sudden, it's okay for people who profess to believe in Jesus to live together before they're married? Let me clarify: it's not so much the "living together" part that bothers me, it's this: there is no way you can convince me that you're living with your girlfriend/boyfriend/significant other and not having sex. Let's be serious, here...that's just not practical. So if a person is a Christian, but lives with their unmarried partner, do they think that premarital sex is okay? Or have they given in and are in some sort of denial to make themselves feel better? Or did they become believers after the living situation was in place and not know how to fix it? I guess the thing that *really* bothers me is how often I see young adults who are Christians, but regularly are promiscus and seem to think nothing of it. On one hand, I've been unmarried before, and I know how unmarried life is FULL of temptations (and let's not even get started about temptation in married life!). But on the other hand, I believe that God's plan for us is sex after marriage, not before.

Help me out here. What's going on?

Saturday, May 05, 2007

This, ladies and gentlemen, is why I love Nascar.

*note: none of these crashes are fatal.

Friday, May 04, 2007

House Pictures!!

I've been reluctant to post house pictures, because I'm nervous of something happening and the deal falling through. But we're getting close and you guys are getting antsy, so here we go:

The view in the front door. And my dad :)

The floors are vinyl throughout - no carpet! I'm just fine with having no carpet, because I'm always grossed out by how much my vacuum picks up - and even more grossed out by what it doesn't.

The family room, which will probably be bare for awhile until we can get some furniture :)

To the left is the Master Bedroom, to the right is the kitchen. We'll probably put our dining table here.

My BIG kitchen! With lots of cupboard space!!!

I want to update the hardware on the cabinets, but otherwise the kitchen is good for now.

The living room. That's a fireplace at the end. It's a very long, kinda narrow room.

The view from the other end of the living room.

Looking from the living room into the third bedroom, which has no windows. It'll make a good office/Gator room! Renters had occupied the house previously, and the teenager that stayed in this room took a permanent marker and wrote poems and drew cartoon characters all over the walls! It took several coats of paint to cover that up.

Looking from the hallway into the second bedroom.

Second bedroom.

The second bathroom. Having another bathroom is one thing that I'm very excited about. I need ideas for decorating in here with the green tile, though - I've heard pink floral, but that won't excite Mike.

Looking into the Master Bedroom.

The Master Bathroom's sink is open to the rest of the bedroom, while the toilet and shower are separate.

The Master Bathroom.

Master Bedroom walk-in closet.

Mike is really excited about having a garage.

And I'm really excited about having washer/dryer hookups!

I have a cool greenhouse window in the living room.

You can see how close the pool is to the screen door. Having a pool wasn't a "must" for me, but I think it'll be nice.

There's a little storage area off of the porch for pool supplies.

There's an area for landscaping around the pool.

The Backyard.
That ugly shed you see belongs to our new neighbors. They're the ones whose house we almost bought.

There you have it! Now to just get moved in!!

Yesterday my mom came to visit me with my aunt, who is visiting from New Mexico. We went to Trenton, where there's a quilt shop with a cross-stitch shop next to it. It was great to see my aunt. She was diagnosed with cancer when I was in middle school, and last year it came back and we didn't think she had much time left with us. It was amazing to think that just last year she didn't know what each day held for her, and now her cancer it under control with chemo. She has a very strong faith and is one of those people who makes you re-think what's important.

Here's my aunt Debbie in front of a mural in Trenton.

And here's me and my mommy :)

Later that day, I watched my boys and took Stripes along with me. She immediately made herself comfortable on their shoe shelf.

The house is coming along sloooooooooowly. The appraiser is dragging his feet, but we finally have him coming in on Monday. I'll be able to relax a little more once that's done. The bad news is, our mortgage agent told us we might not be able to close on the 11th after all, depending on how soon we can get insurance. That is NOT good news for me. I wish we could move tomorrow! I'm already concerned about getting cabin fever next week, to hear that we may have to wait longer makes me want to scream. I know that hang-ups are to be expected in the house-buying process, but knowing that doesn't make it any easier when they come.

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

More kitten pictures!!