Thursday, April 12, 2007

More Munchkin Pictures

The kittens are doing well and eating plenty. Some more pictures for your viewing pleasure. Warning: extreme cuteness ahead!!

This is Star. She is the loudest of the three, and the best eater.

She also has quite a sense of humor.

This is Stripes. She is the other female, and they are both brown tabbies with reddish stripes (or blotches in Star's case).

She's also the grumpiest when she eats. Notice her claw digging into my finger.

This is Furever, our lone boy. He isn't as loud, nor does he eat as well as his sisters, so I make sure to feed him last so I don't feel rushed and can make sure he eats enough. Between the three of them, they can finish off two bottles.

Here's a video of him feeding:

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