Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Just a quick note to let you all know that I'm still alive, just bogged down with wrapping up school. As of tomorrow afternoon, I'll be a college graduate! I have a backlog of kitten and food pictures to show you, but for now please keep my dad in your prayers today. He will be having arthroscopic surgery to repair some tears in his meniscus (translation: he hurt his knee while snow skiiing in February, and now he's getting it fixed). It's a fairly simple procedure, but it's still taking all my restraint to keep myself from going down to Clermont to make sure he's all right. Not that he'd want me there anyways. My dad has a few rules for when he's sick/injured:
  • Close the door to the bedroom and do not open it unless the house in on fire. Slip food under the crack in the door once in awhile.
  • Make no noise. This is the man who once accused the cat of "stomping on the carpet" after he got some dental work done.
  • Do NOT make a big deal out of it. Eventually, the door to the bedroom will open, he will emerge, and life will go on.

Also please be in prayer for my mom, who has to be the caregiver while he is down for about a week. All for now, hopefully more tomorrow.

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Dave Cook said...

How fo you have visitors from Western Asia? Seriously.