Thursday, April 05, 2007

Now that things are starting to return to normal here in Gainesville, I thought I'd post a video and a slide show from Monday night. First, a short video I took of us at the O'Connell Center as the clock ran out on our SECOND basketball national championship. It shows the ecstatic atmosphere as we all started to believe that yes, this was actually happening!

Next, some still pictures:

I am very proud to be a Florida Gator, and it's funny to think that I almost wasn't. I started my college career at the University of South Florida in Tampa, but left for Gainesville after my first semester to be with Mike. At first I was indifferent to it - college was college, right? But over the years, Gainesville and UF have grown on me. Now I can't imagine being anything but a Gator! I've really enjoyed the camaraderie you get here, and even though Mike and I are very excited to be movintg to Leesburg, we'll miss Gainesville, too.

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