Sunday, March 04, 2007

House hunting, a bad back, and even worse neighbors

Mike and I have continued in our house search, and we think we've found a house that we want. My parents went and looked at it yesterday to look for any problems with the house, and hopefully the next step will be putting in an offer. I'm trying not to get too excited, because anything could happen, but I can really see us living in this house. It's in a great neighborhood on a limited-access canal with lots of tall oak trees and a big, fenced-in yard. It has TWO bathrooms, which is a big plus. One of them has a sink, toilet, and tub that are bright blue - not a nice blue, but more like an obnoxious blue. So Mike and I decided that if we get his house, we're going to turn that bathroom into a Gator bathroom until we can afford to remodel it! (my dad's suggestion) I look forward to shopping for an orange toilet seat and bathroom rug.

In other news, I've been having back problems. I've been going to see a physical therapist, but this weekend has NOT been good for me. To me, there is nothing more frustrating than doing nothing, especially when I have a paper due and a test this week. I'm one of those people that always has to be doing something; even while waiting in line, I find myself planning dinner in my head or making a phone call. I can't just watch TV, I have to sew or at least flip through a magazine. If you're like me, you know how frustrating sickness and injury can be. My doing this blog entry is a direct result of having to do something, although I can't vouch for the absence of typographical errors, as I am doing this on my back.

To make this weekend even more fun, it rained in our bathroom...AGAIN!! I never thought I'd have to write about this topic once, much less twice. The first time, our upstairs neighbor was, er, smokin' a little sumthin' sumthin', when he decided to dye his hair, but not in his tub...on his bathroom floor. So there was three inches on water on his bathroom floor, which had nowhere to go but...our bathroom floor. Since then, we've gotten new upstairs neighbors, and this time, I went upstairs and knocked on their door to ask them to stop doing whatever it was they were doing. So I knocked, and I hear a man's voice angrily say, "WHO IS IT!?!" to which I reply, "your downstairs neighbor." He then says, "Is there a problem?" and I said, "uh...yeah." His reply? "Come back later!" At this point Mike has joined me, and he banged on the door Dog the Bounty Hunter-style while I went back downstairs, figuring I didn't need to be there for this confrontation. The girl neighbor flings open the door, ready to fling a venomous retort at who she thought was me. When she saw that it was my 6-foot-five husband, that shut her up real quick! She told Mike that they were "both in the bathtub and might have been splashing"- UGH! WAY too much information! It's bad enough that we have to HEAR them all the time, now we have to get firsthand reports about it! These are the same neighbors who bought a new bed a few weeks ago, and instead of bringing their old bed down the stairs, they decided to just throw it over their balcony...onto my plants. Lemme tell ya, I am so DONE with apartment life!!


Anonymous said...

Hope the new house works out. I think the idea of a Gator bathroom will make up for the blue tub.

Where is the new house?

Jacki said...

The house is on the South side of Leesburg, right off Highway 27. We like the location because the neighborhood is great and it won't be far for Mike to drive to work.