Sunday, February 11, 2007

This Friday we went to St. Augustine for Mike's dad's investiture, which is his official swearing-in for the judge position he was elected to in November. I WOULD post pictures, but SOMEONE STILL hasn't replaced the digital camera. I got to dress up and sit on stage and I sat still for the whole hour. I was so proud. We drove back to Gainesville on Saturday, and after church (we go on Saturday nights) we went to dinner with the lifegroup to say goodbye to Danielle and Ben, who are moving to Atlanta. We went to a Chinese Buffet, and the weirdest thing happened. Our waitress, who spoke minimal English, took all our credit cards at the end of the meal, and I watched her as she was making notes on what I thought was her notepad. But when we got our cards back, we noticed that she had written...on our credit cards! She wrote...on our credit cards! She wrote how many drinks each bill had on the signature part on the back of the cards. One of the guys said it wasn't that big of a deal, but...she WROTE on my CREDIT CARD! Is that weird, or am I overrecting?

In other news, I finally transplanted the plants I got at the trade show. I used a fishbowl and layers of potting media. The white layer is poly, and the silvery layer is perlite. The light brown layers are different varieties of mulch and sawdust, and the dark layers are either Canadian Peat or compost. The bottom layer is aquarium gravel for drainage. Depending on how well the plant does, I want to do more of these for gifts. Who knew dirt could look so cool?!? It looks even cooler when not taken by a cameraphone. Am I hinting enough?

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Anonymous said...

You might want to make sure she didn't write down your credit card numbers. I would definitely call and complain to the restaurant manager.

Then keep an eye on your credit card bill very closely.

The plant looks fabulous. What a creative idea.