Friday, February 16, 2007

My totally awesome, very bad no-good exciting day

Yesterday I was in Leesburg for my first try at house-hunting. To get you up to speed, Mike is working for my dad's business, and in May we're moving somewhere in the Leesburg area, which includes Howey-In-The-Hills and Yalaha. So yesterday I went with my mom to look at some for-sale-by-owner houses in the morning, then met with a realtor in the afternoon. We found three prospects that are worth looking into, and it was really exciting. It was so cool to look around and think, "I could actually live here!"

So that was the fun part. On to the very-bad-no-good part. After looking at houses, I headed back to Gainesville on the Turnpike. I was almost to Wildwood when all the sudden the truck was out of control, and I thought to myself, "I'm going to flip." Then I realized that my front passenger side tire had completely blown at 70 miles an hour. Luckily I didn't flip out and slam on the brakes, just drifted off to the side of the Turnpike and called my dad. It took him 45 minutes to get there, so while I waited I sat in the truck and tried to collect myself. Then I almost lost it again when I saw that the tire had blown out so forcefully that it had knocked my front bumper askew. Then, it started raining. Sigh. Thankfully, I'm okay. It could have turned out a lot worse. And, I got a clean house out of it because of Mike's guilt over not having a spare tire in the truck.

And here are the flowers I got for Valentine's Day. I think they're the most beautiful flowers I've ever gotten! Mike did a very good job.

And here are the flowers I got Mike for Valentine's Day. He said nobody's ever gotten him flowers before.

And to top it off, a pircture of my baby doing what she does best...being psycho.

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Dee said...

Glad you are okay. Blown tires are a scary thing!