Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Mike and I went to Fort Lauderdale last weekend for a company trade show. What a great weekend! I didn't even have to go to the show beyond a little schmoozing and getting free plants at the end of the show. While my new friend, Carl, was not free, he is a beautiful orchid that I got for the amazing price of ten dollars. Hopefully my mom can keep him alive until I have a porch of my own to keep him on.

This is the side of my dad that his clients needed to see! These pictures were taken with Mike's new phone by the way, a Samsung Blackjack.

On the way down we dropped Sophie off at my uncle's house, and I think my cousins wore her out. She got her tissue box pillow in place and snored allll the way home!
Except when mommy was bothering her with daddy's new phone, of course.

We still have Fred, and he's finally discovered that our apartment extends beyond the cat tree. I hadn't seen him go past the office, then on the day after we got back, I woke up to him sleeping on the edge of the bed! It has quickly become his new favorite place. We can leave with him on the bed and come back several hours later to find him in the exact same position. The question is, with THREE animals fighting to get on the bed, HOW are we going to get any sleep?!?

Fred and Sophie really seem to have hit it off. They're nap buddies :) They both enjoy embroiling themselves in the covers and refusing to get off the bed when I want to make it in the morning!

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