Tuesday, January 16, 2007

As the world turns...

Oh, classes, classes....classes. My last semester of classes won't be so bad, if I can ever get my schedule worked out. Here's a breakdown of the saga that is school:

First, I felt like I'd run out of psychology classes to take. I've taken pretty much every class UF offers, except for the way boring neurological ones that nobody wants to take. So I discovered that I could get credit for volunteering, and I tried to get the psych department to let me volunteer at the Humane Society, since the boys I watch like to go there with me, but no dice. I ended up picking Baby Gator, the day care on campus. Since you're working with kids, they make you jump through every imaginable hoop to qualify: background checks, references, a statement of good moral character...holy cow!! I had to make a statement saying that (among other things) I had never engaged in "behavior involving forensic patients." I'll let you figure out what that means. Anyhoo, I had orientation for there today, and I'm excited about working there. I get to work with the 2 and 3 years olds on Tuesdays, and 4-5 years on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays.

Now for the real dramatic stuff. I thought I needed a higher-level elective, so I originally signed up for an education course called Teaching Reading for the Primary Grades. My first class was last Thrusday, and it...was...a disaster. I was stuck in a classroom full of freshmen who had all their classes together, and I kept hearing, "You're NOT an education major?!?" like it was a bad thing. I can take that, but the clincher for me was that the teacher taught the students other classes as well, so she kept referring back to material she had covered in other classes, making it hard for me to follow along. I don't care what they say, being a psychology major is wonderful preparation for being a teacher, and I personally think that education majors don't get enough psychology training. So as soon as I got back from that class, I dropped it. After looking for another class I could take at the right time, I discovered that the only class available was one that happens to be taught by my employer, who is a geologist at UF. I called her, and thankfully she was okay with it, so she added me into her class, and I went to it on Friday. Then, it occurred to me that my distance learning class might count as the elective that I needed. So today I went to see an advisor, and learning that it does indeed. That meant that Ellen went to the trouble of putting me into her class for nothing. However, it also means that I can take a cakewalk class, namely, Introduction to Recreation. It's as easy as it sounds. And I feel good about that. I start at Baby Gator tomorrow, and this is looking to be a pretty good LAST semester!

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