Friday, December 22, 2006

Three more days!!

Merry Christmas to everyone, and to all my Jewish friends (well, my one Jewish friend, Chad!) I hope you had a wonderful Hannukah. All the lights are up, the presents are wrapped, and the bags are packed to go to St. Augustine tomorrow and Clermont on Christmas Eve. This year I really got into present-wrapping! Here are a few pictures, but I can't tell you what they are in case one is for you!!

Yesterday Mike's sister, Kathleen, came from St. Augustine for a visit. Every year the downtown Plaza puts up an ice skating rink, so after lunch we tried it. I hadn't done any form of skating in at least five years, but at least I tried! Mike took pictures :)

Having trouble already, and I'm not even on the ice yet!!

Ready to go!!!

Kathleen trying to help me. I eventually got the hang of it...kinda.

She makes it look so easy...

I used muscles I never knew I had! I'm definitely feeling it today!

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