Monday, December 11, 2006

Friday was Mike's 23rd birthday, and we went to my parent's house - isn't he such a good hubby? He's willing to spend his birthday with his in-laws! They have been so great to him that he didn't mind at all. My mom made him a special dinner, and on Saturday my mom and I went with my cousins and grandmother on a shopping trip. Every Christmas, my grandmother takes them shopping and gives them a budget to pick out their Christmas presents. They get to pick one item to keep and the rest are wrapped and put under the tree. It's been so much fun that my mom and great-aunt also send money. She used to do the same thing for me, and it was a win-win situation because I got what I wanted and we spent the day together. I know I sound old when I say this, but I just can't believe what beautiful young women my cousins have turned into. They were both such good shoppers, and they have cute style while still being tasteful.

On Sunday, we went to the company Christmas party, which was the reason we went to Clermont in the first place. It was nice to meet everyone from the company. Mike seems to really enjoy interacting with them, and they like him. I don't think a lot of them knew that Mike is my dad's son-in-law, but we don't want to call attention to it and make it seem like he gets special treatment for it. My dad expects just as much from him as he does from all his workers! One of the employees talked to Mike and I about how much the employees respect my dad because even though he's the "boss-man," he's willing to work right along side of them. He built that company from the ground up, and Mike and I are proud to be carrying on the legacy. Wow, this post is really sappy! Enough of that - onto the cute animal pictures!!

Sophie just loved going to see her grandparents! We took her for a walk this morning, and boy was she tired! She loves to lay on their cool tile.

I also snapped this picture, and I think it makes her look so noble:

Brooklyn and Lenore stayed home, and nothing is destroyed, so I guess it went okay! They probably did a lot of this:
Brooke has taken to sleeping like this, and I think it's too cute!!


Anonymous said...

jacki wolfe i flippin love you- Aaron

Dee said...

Happy birthday Mike!

Brooklyn is adorable. You need to submit her picture to Cute Overload.