Sunday, October 15, 2006

The weather has been absolutely beautiful this weekend, and despite the embarassing loss by the Gators, we've been enjoying it. We've had the windows open, and Brooklyn has been enamored with it. We haven't had them open since we got her, and she loves looking out at the great outdoors. She'll sit there with her tail twitching, and usually she'll be concentrating so hard that it's easy to sneek up on her and make her jump - one of her daddy's hobbies! Today we caught her climbing up the screen!

Sophie got a new toy! She's become so adept at tearing open expensive toys that I decided to buy some cotton batting and stuff it into socks with a squeaker. Mike decided to make her the "ultimate toy," with a random sock that wound up in our laundry and a handful of squeakers. She couldn't wait!

Eventually she decided to give up on waiting and go right to the source. Unfortunately, they don't put squeakers in the package at the factory!

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