Sunday, October 29, 2006

Let's play catch-up!

Oh boy, do I have a lot of pictures to show you! It's been awhile! First up, Sophie in her Halloween festivities. I bought a bandana for her, then outlined the pumpkins and stars in orange puff paint to give it some "pop." I considered buying her a Halloween costume, but I couldn't find any and besides, she doesn't have anywhere to wear it. If only they would give out dog bones, she could go trick-or-treating!

Next up, the Broadways had a Halloween costume party on Friday. Mike and I went as War and Peace, although people kept guessing we were Forrest Gump and Jenny. Also very clever. I tie-dyed the shirt myself! I was pretty proud at my first stab at tie-dying.

The lifegroup boys. Scott (on the left) was Gene Simmons. It was creepy, so much so that I had trouble looking him in the eye. He didn't just look like a rock star, he took on the whole persona. Next to Scott is Ben, who was a punching bag. His wife Danielle was a boxer, and she made his costume.
Ken and Sherri Broadway, the hosts, were from the show Deal or No Deal.

This is Dave Hutchings, I mean Quasimodo. He's the music director at our church.

Finally, Mike and I went to Jacksonville to visit our friend Aaron this weekend. We went to an air show, which the boys enjoyed, although I could have done without it. Too much testosterone!

This is us with Ken Shockley, the stupidest guy in the world. He put three F-16 jet engines in his semi and races planes. Like I said...
And finally, the long-awaited blue angels.

It was really good to see Aaron and relax this weekend. After the show we went to a sports bar for the Gator game, where we watched them pound the bulldogs. So that was fun! On Sunday we went to Aaron's church, Crossroads UMC, then lunch at the Olive Garden. It took us 2 and a half hours to get from Jacksonville to Gainesville on the way home, which is WAY longer than it should have. There was some sort of hold-up in Starke, although we never figured out what it was. This weekend was fun, but it's good to be home, especially after that drive!

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Happy Halloween! Your costumes were great.