Friday, September 01, 2006


I can't recall being more glad that it's finally Friday. Plus, no school on Monday for Labor Day! Plus, the first Gator Game is tomorrow! This week has been tiring, stressful, exhausting, stressful, draining, and stressful. Here is my final schedule for the fall semester:

Spanish 1: I took the comprehension test and missed getting into Spanish 2 by ten points. I'm seriously considering taking the test again later and seeing if I can get out of taking Spanish 2 entirely. The teacher I have is really good, and my spanish is coming back to me very quickly. The only downside to this class is that it's every day, and on the opposite side of campus to where I get off the bus. Yay for exercise!

Social Psychology: How a person learns from and reacts to society. For those of you that are wondering, this is different from sociology because sociology is concerned with how people impact society, and social psych looks at how sociey impacts the person. Got it? Me neither.

Lab Methods of Psychology: This is one of those classes you just have to get through. It's required for a psych major, and basically it goes over how to do research. Luckily the professor is mildly interesting.

Man's Food: That's right, I'm taking a class about food. I need a certain number of classes outside of my major to graduate, so I'm taking an easy one that I'll hopefully learn useful stuff in about nutrition. As a plus, this class is online, so I don't have to show up for class!

Educational Psychology: This is a distance learning class that I'm finishing up from the summer. I have up to 32 weeks to complete it, so my goal is to do one lesson per week. I hope to learn a lot of stuff I can actually USE in this class.

I'm off to take a nap before I have to pick up my boys from school. Adios, amigos!

~ J-Wo

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