Tuesday, September 19, 2006

The Adventure of Sophie and Brooke
"Mooooooooom....I'm booooooooored..."

"Wait, what that's you're putting in a water bottle....oh boy, is it a GREENIE?!?! OhpleasecanIhaveitpleasepleasepleaseprettypleeeeeeeeze?"


"Keep workin'..."

"Almost there..."


"Awwww, yeah!!"

"Stupid dog..."

"Sister, you don't know what you're missing with these Greenies!"

"No thanks, I'd rather give mom high-fives!"



Dee said...

Brooklyn is getting all growed up!

If we had given Jake his Greenie in a bottle, I'd have bottle pieces all over the floor. LOL

Jacki said...

I usually leave the end sticking out. The trainer recommended we do things like this because she is a very "driven" dog and needs mental stimulation. Yesterday I stuck the greenie too far into the bottle, though, and she chewed up the end of the bottle. Whoops! :-)