Friday, September 29, 2006

It has come to my attention that my last few posts have consisted of pictures of my animals and not much in the way of an actual update. I haven't had much of anything new to report; I can only say "I been busy" so many times before you guys get the picture! Lately my life has consisted of school, school, and more school, and whenever I can squeeze it in, school. To be perfectly frank, I'm getting tired of this perpetual state of being behind. My Lab Methods of Psychology class is pretty much owning me, and I have Spanish every day, so I have to keep on top of those. If I happen to be caught up in that, then I have to study for my Social Psychology class. If I do that, I have to work on my online class. If by some miracle I'm also caught up in that, I have to work on finishing up the distance learning course from the summer. I think what really frustrates me about all this is there is so much other stuff I need to do. For example, Mike and I want to buy a house within the next few years, so I would love to learn at least a little about that whole process. Sorry to be so whiny, I'm just seriously tired of this state of behind-ness I'm in.
This weekend Mike and I are going to Clermont to visit my parents. There's a trade show for the business, and my dad wants Mike to be there. I used to go to these shows with him when I was a kid, and I was quite famous for getting free plants. However, I'm not as cute as I used to be, so I don't know if I can get as many this year :)


Wednesday, September 27, 2006

I'll stop posting pictures of them as soon as they stop being so darn cute...

You'd think with those ears she'd hear me when I tell her to quit clawing the couch!

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

The Adventure of Sophie and Brooke
"Mooooooooom....I'm booooooooored..."

"Wait, what that's you're putting in a water bottle....oh boy, is it a GREENIE?!?! OhpleasecanIhaveitpleasepleasepleaseprettypleeeeeeeeze?"


"Keep workin'..."

"Almost there..."


"Awwww, yeah!!"

"Stupid dog..."

"Sister, you don't know what you're missing with these Greenies!"

"No thanks, I'd rather give mom high-fives!"


Finally starting to feel better...

Well, it took its time, but my body is finally getting back to normal. I hardly ever get sick, and this came at an especially bad time. I have two tests and a project this week, so needless to say, I need my strength!
We watched the Gator game at a friend's house this weekend, and what a game it was! Florida vs. Tennessee is always a nail-biter. Our friend Aaron came to visit us, so Sophie was excited to see her favorite playmate, as you can see:

Now that is one happy dog! I think that's about all for now, or rather it's going to have to be because I need to study!


Sunday, September 10, 2006

Cute pictures of Brooklyn
Okay, I can't resist putting up pictures of my baby, I'm a proud parent! This is Brooklyn in Mike's computer chair. She's stopped getting longer, but she's starting to get that kitty belly. And just so she's not jealous, there's a picture of Sophie, too.

Friday, September 08, 2006

I just wanted to let everyone know that my father-in-law made it past the primaries by a wide margin over the next guy and will be moving on to the election in November! Yay!! Tomorrow the Gators will be playing UCF, so we'll be looking forward to that beat-down.

Gooooooo Gators!!

Sunday, September 03, 2006

My father-in-law, Clyde Wolfe, is running for 7th Circuit Court Judge for Nassua, Putnam, St. John's, and Flagler counties. If you live in these counties and don't vote for him, you are a big poopiehead! He is by far the most qualified person up for the position, but don't take it from me: visit his website at Vote Wolfe September 5th!

Friday, September 01, 2006


I can't recall being more glad that it's finally Friday. Plus, no school on Monday for Labor Day! Plus, the first Gator Game is tomorrow! This week has been tiring, stressful, exhausting, stressful, draining, and stressful. Here is my final schedule for the fall semester:

Spanish 1: I took the comprehension test and missed getting into Spanish 2 by ten points. I'm seriously considering taking the test again later and seeing if I can get out of taking Spanish 2 entirely. The teacher I have is really good, and my spanish is coming back to me very quickly. The only downside to this class is that it's every day, and on the opposite side of campus to where I get off the bus. Yay for exercise!

Social Psychology: How a person learns from and reacts to society. For those of you that are wondering, this is different from sociology because sociology is concerned with how people impact society, and social psych looks at how sociey impacts the person. Got it? Me neither.

Lab Methods of Psychology: This is one of those classes you just have to get through. It's required for a psych major, and basically it goes over how to do research. Luckily the professor is mildly interesting.

Man's Food: That's right, I'm taking a class about food. I need a certain number of classes outside of my major to graduate, so I'm taking an easy one that I'll hopefully learn useful stuff in about nutrition. As a plus, this class is online, so I don't have to show up for class!

Educational Psychology: This is a distance learning class that I'm finishing up from the summer. I have up to 32 weeks to complete it, so my goal is to do one lesson per week. I hope to learn a lot of stuff I can actually USE in this class.

I'm off to take a nap before I have to pick up my boys from school. Adios, amigos!

~ J-Wo