Sunday, July 16, 2006

Funny pictures of Sophie

When we first got Sophie, I spent 20 friggin' dollars on a nice doggie bed for her, and does she use it? Never. No, she prefers a much a much bigger bed: our Corda-Roys beanbag chair. She is so funny when she gets on it because she'll hop on it until the middle is practically a cave, then curl up in the fetal position and snore.Friday my mom came to visit me. We went to a quilt shop and a cross-stitch shop in Trenton. The quilt shop was big and had lots of stuff, my mom bought a book on handbag making and some fabric. I don't quilt, so nothing for me. They have a cafe in the shop, where we had salads and split a piece of a delicious chocolate cake. We couldn't finish it between the two of us! The we walked to the cross-stitch shop, where I got a Gators pattern to make for Mike when he graduates. That evening Mike and I went to Fanning Springs to visit Aaron Doll and his family, where we had a wonderful meal. The Dolls are really fun to hang out with. Aaron's sister Sarah is on the color guard team at her high school, so we talked flag for a while. This weekend was spent mostly catching up on schoolwork, how fun! I hope all is well with all ya'll!