Friday, June 09, 2006

A question and answer session with Jacki Wolfe

What have you been doing this week?
A lot, and not much at the same time. I went to the doctor to get some new allergy medicine, as the old stuff wasn't working anymore. The doctor I saw wasn't the one I like, but he did tell me that I could get Claritin at the UF pharmacy for super cheap. Yesterday I woke up with a stomach virus, which was no fun. I spent the day in my chair eating bland foods in small increments. Today I feel much better, just kinda tired and not very hungry. I have also been trying to get my online and Summer B classes straightened out, which is not easy feat when dealing with the chaotic bureaucracy that is the University of Florida.

You haven't been working this week? And it looks like I won't be for the rest of the month. The people I work for thought they could use me, but they got called away on some sort of geologic duty of sorts and took the kids with them. After that, the kids start their summer programs, and I'll just be on an as-needed basis, mostly to cart them around to their various activities. The problem I have with that is this: I tend to be really hard on myself when it comes to being productive. In other words, I feel bad for not doing much this month. I felt so bad I even considered going back to Pet Supermarket for a month (cue Psycho theme). But I have set a few goals for myself, and I have so much to do that I don't think I'll be really bored.

So what goals do you have for yourself?
I signed up for a refresher course in Spanish. I hope to take the SAT II in the fall and maybe skip Spanish I and go straight to Spanish II. I'm also in the process of signing up for an online course; Educational Psychology. I need to take the General Knowledge Test for my teaching certification. I would like to volunteer some at the Humane Society, which I never do as much as I would like. I also need to do all the yearly checkups; dentist, eye doctor, etc. Like I said, I'll be busy.

What have you been praying for this week?
The biggest thing on my list this week is my grandfather. His triple bypass surgery went relatively well Tuesday, so we're thankful for that. Also my aunt in New Mexico, my cousins (both there and here in Florida, for different reasons). Megan and Melissa Hall's grandmother passed away this week. Del Smythe was one classy lady, and I know she's partying hard up in Heaven with her husband. I also seem to be in this constant loop of thanking God for our lifegroup.

What are you listening to right now?
My brother's rendition of "On Jordan's Stormy Banks I Stand."