Monday, May 15, 2006

A real update, I promise!

So I thought that once school was over I'd have more time to update this thing. I think not. This week has been more frustrating than busy, and it's funny how much frustration can hinder your productivity. Last week my main goal after getting back from camping was to figure out what the heck I'm going to be doing this summer. So I've been calling people and asking questions and getting...nowhere. Surprise, surprise, nobody at UF knows anything. Then this morning, a breakthrough. I finally got to talk to a career counselor, and she gave me some info to get me started. It looks as though my best bet at this moment is to research the Teacher Certification Program offered by Lake Sumter Community College, because that's where Mike and I will be moving after I graduate. Then I may be able to either seek further training and become a Reading Specialist, or I can be a reading tutor privately or at a place like Sylvan Learning Center. Progress feels great!

Saturday, Mike and I took a big step towards becoming certified rednecks, which is essential if we're planning on living in Leesburg. We went garage sale hunting, then we went to the Newberry Watermelon Festival. And oh my goodness gracious, Bill Engvall was right. If you ever want to feel better about your own family, go to a county fair. We saw more mullets than if you were to go to a Super Wal-Mart in Chiefland at 2 in the morning (not that I know anything about that...) After hearing the Watermelon Crawl 50 times and trying a Deep-Fried Oreo (pretty darn tasty!), Mike wanted to go to the music store to check out a guitar he was considering buying with his graduation money. An hour later, he walked out with a completely different guitar. To read more about that, go here .

So now you know what's been happening. We also got one of those laser pointers that they make for cats, so we've been laughing it up over that. Who needs cable TV when you have a 10-week old kitten? The funny thing is, the dog chases after it, too. And she doesn't have the grace of a cat. Blogger isn't letting me post pictures at the moment, so sorry, no wedding picture. Later!