Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Hey guys,

Well, I survived. I actually managed to have fun, too. We went to Manatee Springs in Chiefland, Florida, about 45 minutes away from Gainesville. We left Monday morning after dropping the dog off at the vet's office, then set up camp and decided to go swimming in the Spring. The funniest thing happened, though. We were headed for the spring and we passed the people about 3 sites down from us, and I said, "that looks a lot like Chuck Wise," who is the youth director at our church. And guess was!! He and his wife Gail were celebrating their 35th anniversary, so we had dinner with them last night. Early Tuesday morning it rained and stormed for about an hour and a half, which made me a little nervous. Mike barely even woke up, though. I guess he's been through a lot worse than that, with worse equipment. It didn't even get wet inside the tent. So it was nice to get away from everything. And Mike's graduation present finally came in the mail, so he'll be getting that tonight, bwahaha.... I'll let you guys know what it is as soon as he finds out. Later.