Sunday, May 07, 2006

Graduation, Final Grades, and Camping

Hello all,
Yesterday was a crazy day for us. Mike graduated with his Bachelor's Degree, so we sat through the 2 and a half hour ceremony, then went to our friends the Looneys for a party in his honor. Marilyn was a very gracious hostess and it was so much better than going to a restaurant. Mike will be working for my dad from now on, as well as going to school for another year to get his Masters in Business Management. While he's doing that, I'll be finishing my last year of college, then it's off to Leesburg (or somewhere close) to start working on my dad's "retirement plan," which consists of teaching Mike to eventually take over the business. Very exciting :)

I got my last grade in my Florida Wildlife class, and I got an A, so that makes 3 A's and a B+. I can live with that. Tomorrow we're going camping until Wednesday, so we've been packing all day. This is the first time I can remember that I've been tent camping, so I'm glad to have Mike the Eagle Scout with me. There are pictures of me taking a bath in a dish tub as a baby, and apparently I haven't been tent camping since then, so it'll be fun. Interesting, anyway.

Now for the wedding picture of the day:

This is Mike with the his mother, Phyllis, and her father, Harold - better known to us as Granddaddy. We love Granddaddy very much, not just because he is helping us out with Mike's graduate school, but because he is a life lesson in faith and love. He came down from Georgia for Mike's graduation this weekend. This month marks one year since the death of his wife, and although I only met her once, I know the depth of love he did and still has for her. I was teasing him this weekend (he started it!) and I said, "Granddaddy, if only I'd met you first, I might be married to a different man," and he told me, "No, I picked out my bride a long time ago." ~sniff~ If he knew how to get on the Internet he'd be very excited to be a "celebrity" now that his picture is up.

J-Wo out. See ya'll later.