Friday, April 14, 2006

Hey everyone,

To start with, I've been told that some of you are having difficulty leaving comments on my blog, so I apologize if I guilted you for that when you tried. Just in case you ever want to comment again, just click "Post A Comment" and type whatever you want in the text box. Below that you will have to choose your identity (if you don't have a blog with this site you can just choose "Other" or "Anonymous") and do word verification. The word verification is to prevent junk mailers from leaving mass comments on people's blogs that say things like "Earn $100,000,000,000,000 in one day!"
So that's that. Tomorrow Mike and I are headed to Clermont for Easter and to celebrate my birthday with the fam. My mom is making the best cake in the world, and I get to see my wonderful family - it's a win-win situation :)
I'll leave you with some wedding pictures and something I thought would interest you all. This letter to the editor appeared in the Independent Florida Alligator today, which is kind of like our school newspaper except UF does not support them so they can't control what content is covered in the paper. Below that you will find the response I sent to the Alligator. Whether or not they'll print it remains to be seen.
Letter to the Editor
Students should know to obey traffic laws
If UF students have to be so incredibly intelligent to be accepted by UF, why is it so hard for you to observe and obey basic traffic laws? Like red lights. Red means stop. The red light, I'm afraid, does not get any more red. There are no shades of red to tell you the kind of stop you can make, as if giving you a choice to maybe stop or speed up and then finally come to an actual full stop. The yellow light is your warning that quite possibly a red light is about to appear. In my experience, there are no traffic light jokes that the yellow light just suddenly decides to go back to green again. If you see a yellow light, it is, without a doubt, going to turn red.
Another clue to some of you traffic-light-challenged is that if the other people in the other lanes are slowing down or - as in the case of the other afternoon, when I was in a near-miss accident with a particular impatient person - at a complete stop and the light is red, that should be an even further clue that you need to stop. It is not a clue to speed up and then honk angrily at the people who actually have a green light and the right to go into the intersection.
Why is this hard?
L. Miller

The person who voiced their opinion in Friday’s Alligator about UF students and their sometimes abominable driving habits was obviously angry at the time he/she wrote it (I say he/she because the person did not have the courage to sign their first name). Mr. or Ms. Miller, I understand your exasperation. I’ve done my fair share of screaming obscenities from behind the wheel at drivers who appear to lack understanding of basic traffic rules. However, instead of singling out one demographic group, I make sure to spend equal time blaming people from all walks of life – from the high school babies to the blue-hairs. Sometimes I even step back and look at the larger problem – the deplorable traffic conditions in Gainesville that surely are doing nothing to help the problem, and probably are making it worse.

-Jacki Wolfe
Now the pictures. Since Kathleen requested hair pictures, I'll go ahead and do some of the detail shots of my hair and dress:

A detail of the waist of my dress. In case you never heard the story, I found my dress at a consignment shop after visiting several bridal stores and never finding "the one." We paid about a third of what this dress costs at retail price.

Yes it is a corset back and yes it was tight.

Happy Easter everyone!



Anonymous said...

happy birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

steve turner said...

you have pretty feet.

Anonymous said...

Hey cousin,
Grandma gave me the link to your wedsite, so I finally got to see it! I really like it.I love you.

Rachel said...

hey Jacki!

as april said, Grandma has put your website address into circulation, i hope you and Mike are doing well, i love you,