Sunday, April 09, 2006

Here she is

We finally got some pictures developed today, so here's our newest arrival, Brooklyn Wolfe. She's about 7 weeks old now.

Ain't she cute? Some more for your viewing pleasure:

And since I never put any pictures of Sophie up here, this is her. We think she is a Treeing Walker Coonhound, but if you lay her ears flat she looks like a tall beagle. So that's our zoo.

Until next time,



Mike said...

By "and thats our zoo" Jacki means the animals that are not in cages/tanks. In addition to Brook and Sophie we also have:
-Three aquariums (10- 20- and 55-gallon)
-Three Gerbils (Timmy, Immy, and Kimmy) in two 10-gallon aquariums
-One Bearded Dragon (Jade) in a 40-gallon terrarium

Mike said...

Sorry, I forgot to mention that in those first three aquariums we have fish. Not sure if that was obvious, but didn't want you to think we just have aquariums sitting in our house.