Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Close encounters with the freakishly tall kind

So I was walking to class today, right in front of the Florida Gym, and guess who I see...Joakim Noah! If you don't know who that is, scroll down a little and you'll see his picture. He's even weirder looking in real life. And very, very tall. The funny thing was, as tall as he is, his feet look disproportionally big. I'm talking clown-feet big. And no, I didn't talk to him. What would I say? "Hi, I watched you on TV, so that means I can be like everyone else and not give you a moment's peace. Can I take your picture with my phone?"

Other than that, not much is happening. I have an ongoing stomach ache today, no fun. Mike is making me increasingly curious as to what he's doing for my birthday. Oh, and speaking of Mike, apparently he's the only person who reads this blog, because he's the only person who signed my guestbook when I asked you all to. It's not too late! I just want some lovin', people, seriously. I don't do this for my own health, I do it so you can all keep track of my super-exciting life. So now that you've all had a healthy dose of guilt, have a nice day!!

Wedding picture of the day


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Anonymous said...

hey you!! if i knew how to sign your guestbook, i would, but i'm lost on anything other than myspace! lol. but your entries are helarious, and the wedding pictures are beautiful! i thought there were pictures on here of your hair though?? i'm not finding any, but i wanna see it! mike said he loves it! anyways. thought i'd "send you some love"... lol, i love you!!

your sis,