Saturday, March 25, 2006

Hi Everyone,

So apparently spring has sprung. Last night's low was 36 degrees, and as of now in Gainesville it's 61. This weather has been so weird! It was quite hot up until Thursday, but maybe this is the last cold snap we'll be getting before the summer. If only it could stay 75 all year!

Well, the week before Spring Break, Mike had the flu, and the week after, he has acute sinusitis. It's probably because of the flu aggravating his system and also the thick layer of pollen that is covering anything that stands still. And probably also because we got a cat. Did I mention we got a cat? We got a cat. A kitten, actually. She is now about 5 weeks old, and her name is Brooklyn. A girl I used to work with found her in the dumpster behind Pet Supermarket (people actually do that quite often) when she was about a week old, but needed someone to take care of her over Spring Break, and guess who that was... So of course we ended up keeping her. She's gray and fuzzy and really cute, and just now figuring out how to swim in, er, drink from a bowl, which is quite entertaining to watch.

In closing, I wanted to leave you a wedding picture of the boys, but I couldn't pick just one. So, today you get to see four. The photographers said they had the most fun shooting them.

The Captain Morgan Pose, for Aaron. From left we have:
  • Aaron (groomsmen and friend from camp)
  • Chris (usher and friend from camp)
  • Scott (usher and childhood friend of mine)
  • Doug (best man and Mike's old roomate)
  • Mike (you'd better know who he is!)
  • Davey (groomsman and friend from camp)
  • Morgan (groomsman and childhood friend of Mike)
  • David (groomsman and my big brother)
  • Justin (usher and childhood friend of Mike)

My personal favorite of the boys

"The GQ pose"

I always get a laugh from this one.

That's all for now,


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