Thursday, February 16, 2006

Hello again,

Just wanted to let everyone know that I picked Sophie up from the vet this evening and she is doing much better. She looks a lot more like herself. I did have to battle her into taking her pills (you know a dog is sick when they won't even eat a piece of cheese with a pill wrapped inside it), but she's not sleeping so fitfully and her eyes don't have that glazed-over look anymore. The vet told me she kept them entertained all day because she kept rearranging the accoutrements in her cage. I told them that this is the same dog that likes to get into the trash for the sole purpose of hiding pieces of food among clothes in the laundry basket and in the sheets on the bed. Crazy dog. And even better, she spent all day at the vet and they only charged me $14.00, and that was for an injection they gave her. My opinion of Aalatash Animal Hospital definitely just went up several points. Thank you for praying for my puppy!


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