Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Congrats and a shameless plug
Hello everyone. I hope you all are doing well. Nothing much is going on here. I learned three new words for vomit from my friend Kathleen Byrd's blog, if you want to be smart too, here's the link.

Someone else is getting married!
I found out today that one of my camp friends, Cara Cobb, is getting married. I guess we're getting to that age when this starts happening a lot. Congrats to her!

And now for the shameless plug.
I feel quite stupid even admitting this, but I was so amazed by what I just saw that I will suffer through the social excommunication for it. I just watched American Idol, and I was blown away by one of the contestants. I know, I know, I'm not in high school any more - not that I really watched the show then - but since I have more time in the evenings, I've taken to hobbies like sewing and crafts, and I like to have the TV on in the background. Anyway, Taylor Hicks is the coolest contestant since Clay Aiken. He had me laughing the whole time until he got up on the stage, then he got serious and belted out a song that had me speechless. So if you're in the mood to hear a good singer, tune in next week to American Idol and watch Taylor Hicks.

I'm done with my flashback to the year 2000 (was it really that long ago?!?) Have a great week everyone.

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Kat said...

well, I hate to be the one who corrects but, umm my last name is Elliott now! I mean I know you beat me down the aisle but I moved farther away so that counts for something right?
Glad to help you learn new vocab for "vomit" though there are many many more adjectives and verbs =)
As for American Idol (Chad's addicted now too) were rooting for one Taylor Hicks...and hoping that Brenna won't be around long..ahh married life...way groovy stuff =)