Saturday, February 25, 2006

Stick it to 'em!!

This story made me smile, and I wanted to share it with you all. It's about a little town that came up with a creative way to stick it to a bunch of low-lifes who take advantage of a families' pain in order to get a little publicity.
Can you tell I have strong feelings about this? In case you haven't heard, there is a 76-year old preacher from Kansas who believes that America is doomed because of our views on homosexuality. So he and his parish have taken to protesting at funerals with signs that I will choose not to quote just in case my cousins read this. They were at Mr. Roger's funeral, and Coretta Scott Kings'. But now they are protesting the war overseas by doing the same thing at the funerals of fallen soldiers.! I seriously doubt Jesus would hold up a sign that says "Thank god for IEDs" and thus contribute even more to the pain the family of the fallen soldier is feeling. Here's the story if you want to read it:

If you want to read more about this topic, here are some other links I've found:
Kansas City Star

If a bill like this ever gets proposed in Florida, I will be writing to our congressmen in support of it. What these people are doing is just wrong. Regardless of my feelings about homesexuality OR the war, it's never ok to use someone else's grief to push your own personal agenda.


Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Congrats and a shameless plug
Hello everyone. I hope you all are doing well. Nothing much is going on here. I learned three new words for vomit from my friend Kathleen Byrd's blog, if you want to be smart too, here's the link.

Someone else is getting married!
I found out today that one of my camp friends, Cara Cobb, is getting married. I guess we're getting to that age when this starts happening a lot. Congrats to her!

And now for the shameless plug.
I feel quite stupid even admitting this, but I was so amazed by what I just saw that I will suffer through the social excommunication for it. I just watched American Idol, and I was blown away by one of the contestants. I know, I know, I'm not in high school any more - not that I really watched the show then - but since I have more time in the evenings, I've taken to hobbies like sewing and crafts, and I like to have the TV on in the background. Anyway, Taylor Hicks is the coolest contestant since Clay Aiken. He had me laughing the whole time until he got up on the stage, then he got serious and belted out a song that had me speechless. So if you're in the mood to hear a good singer, tune in next week to American Idol and watch Taylor Hicks.

I'm done with my flashback to the year 2000 (was it really that long ago?!?) Have a great week everyone.

Saturday, February 18, 2006

An Update and Some Musings

Hello everyone,

I was looking for an excuse to sit in my computer chair because Mike and I finally got around to buying our Christmas present: a massage thingy that straps onto a chair. They've had it on display at Bed Bath and Beyond for forever, and you go there all the time when you're planning a wedding, so we've been wanting one for a long time. Whoever invented this thing was a genius.

Sophie is doing better
Sophie continues to get better. I noticed today that they stitched her up using bright blue thread...I guess you have to express your creativity somewhere. The vet told me to cook chicken for her all week because the antibiotics upset her stomach (the dog, not the vet's), so she's been getting majorly spoiled. But she continues to get better, so that's all that matters.

Now For My Musings
Let me start off by saying how much I love my new job. I should have done this a long time ago. Knowing when I'm working enables me to have time to do the things I love. But there has been an interesting side effect to this whole having a life thing...I have realized that I have none. One thing about my old job was that I was so busy that I never stopped to realize that I am in a weird time in my life.

Let me try to explain myself: after Mike and I got back from our Honeymoon, our relationships with our friends changed. I spent some time being bitter about the way some wedding party members acted at our wedding, but now that I have time to think about it, I realize something: this has a lot less to do with immaturity and a lot more to do with the fact that my friends and I are at VERY different places in our lives right now. We just don’t talk to a lot of our friends anymore, and I think it’s because we don’t have anything to talk about. So, like the old Steeler’s Wheel song goes, “I’m stuck in the middle with you.” I don’t have anything in common with people my own age, and I don’t have enough in common with married people to easily make friends. I know that I need to put myself out there and try harder to make friends, and now that I can’t use time as an excuse anymore, I’m going to try and make at least a few friends. I have never once regretted any of the decisions I have made regarding my relationship with Mike, from moving to Gainesville to getting married young...never. I feel so lucky to have found someone that I can hopefully spend the next 70 years with. I am eternally grateful for the bond I have with my husband, but it just doesn’t replace friendships.

I think that’s about all for this episode of “Please Feel Sorry for Me.” Tune in next time for an equally un-exciting story.

Thursday, February 16, 2006

Hello again,

Just wanted to let everyone know that I picked Sophie up from the vet this evening and she is doing much better. She looks a lot more like herself. I did have to battle her into taking her pills (you know a dog is sick when they won't even eat a piece of cheese with a pill wrapped inside it), but she's not sleeping so fitfully and her eyes don't have that glazed-over look anymore. The vet told me she kept them entertained all day because she kept rearranging the accoutrements in her cage. I told them that this is the same dog that likes to get into the trash for the sole purpose of hiding pieces of food among clothes in the laundry basket and in the sheets on the bed. Crazy dog. And even better, she spent all day at the vet and they only charged me $14.00, and that was for an injection they gave her. My opinion of Aalatash Animal Hospital definitely just went up several points. Thank you for praying for my puppy!

Hello all,

I hope Valentine's day (or Single's Awareness Day, whichever works for you) went well for all of you. Nothing much has been going on here, except Sophie the dog got spayed yesterday and isn't doing so hot. She was very disoriented when we brought her home (I guess I would be too if I just had a hysterectomy) and she threw up all over the house. This morning I couldn't get her to eat anything, which means two things:

1) She hasn't eaten anything since 9 o'clock Tuesday
2) I can't give her any pain medication or antibiotics

So I ended up taking her back to the vet this morning, and they're trying to figure out what's wrong with her. I never noticed how lonely it is in this apartment without her. If you're so inclined please say a little prayer for my doggie. Thank you.


Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Hello all,

Finally Done
Yesterday was my last day as an employee at Pet Supermarket, prompting me to quote Johnny Paycheck in saying, "Take this job and shove it! I ain't workin' here no mo'! Or is that Johnny Cash? Now I don't remember. Anyway, it feels good to have that responsibility off my back.

In Other News
Mike's parents are coming tonight to see a UF basketball game. They suggested bringing subs for us to eat before the game, but like a fool I insisted on cooking. Yesterday I botched the cake I tried to make, and today the dough for the stromboli got messed up. I don't know why I even try, honestly. I try to make appetizing food for people because I feel it's one thing I'm good at, and I usually am, but it seems like whenever someone important comes over, the house turns itself upside down right after I clean it and something in the kitchen get burned, overcooked, or otherwise botched. Sigh. Sorry that you all had to read this, I think I'm still getting over the weekend.


Sunday, February 05, 2006


Happy Super Bowl everybody. Even though I don't care much about the Steelers or the Seahawks (or pro football, for that matter), Mike is making ribs, so that's reason to celebrate. At least the commercials will be interesting.

In addition to having problems with the apartment flooding, the toilet has decided to go haywire on us. I'll spare you all the details, but we've had this problem since Friday, it's been further complicated by the fact that whenever a maintenance guy comes to look at the problem, they let me tell them what's happening for about 2 seconds before they interrupt me. So they never actually knew what was going on and yesterday I had some choice words for the emergency maintenance operator on the phone as I was standing in the bathroom holding a lever in the toilet to prevent it from shooting sewage at me. This has been extremely stressful for Mike and I both, but when we were praying over dinner last night I got the feeling like everything would work out. Funny how prayer does that.

Happy Birthday, Aaron
Today is also my good friend Aaron Doll's 21st birthday. He will be celebrating the evening by having a few friends over to play a quiet game of chess, so if you know him, give him a call. Happy Birthday, man.

Friday, February 03, 2006

Greetings to all,

I hope you all like my new blog. Personally, I'm looking forward to boring you all to tears by telling you about all the things that happen in my life.

To all you who were kind enough to help Mike and I move into our apartment, I have an interesting update for you. For those of you not lucky enough to be there, the day after I moved into our new apartment (which also happened to be the day before we got married), our apartment went "Noah's Ark" on us. By this I mean water started coming out from the ground and into our carpet, sending me into a dimension of PANIC I have never been in before. Well, it did it again last night, sending me into a dimension of TICKED OFF I have never been in before. This is really getting old, people. They were supposed to have fixed it several times, and I am sick and tired of wearing a snorkel to bed. Now they've applied something called Bio-cide ("bio"=living "cide"=kill) to our carpets, so we have to keep the dog off it until it dries. So we're having fun here. I have to go look for new apartments, signing off.