Thursday, April 05, 2018

Ben is three years old!


And just like that, the Wolfe family has NO MORE BABIES in the house!  What a mix of emotions this milestone brings.  Parenting is such a mix of elation at seeing your children doing new things and sadness at losing the baby that they used to be.

Some updates on our Benjamin:
Likes: doing whatever Eli does, airplanes
Dislikes: the sun being in his eyes, haircuts, baths

Toys: Ben’s favorite toy tends to be whichever one Eli is holding. Favorites include toy cars, planes, and LEGO’s. He also loves “playing” Mario Kart with the rest of the family (we just give him a controller and he thinks he’s playing). Ben LOVES airplanes!  Sometimes we pull into our small local airport and watch the planes take off and land.

Food: chicken nuggets are a definite favorite. Also applesauce.  Will also eat hummus.

We were recently shocked to learn that Ben can count to 15!

No interest in potty training yet. Has sat on the potty and few times but the novelty of that wore off pretty quickly!

Clothes: Mostly size 4T
Shoes: 8
Height: 39 inches
Weight: 38 lbs

Speech: Ben’s speech has become a lot more clear in the past few months, but he still can mostly only be understood by those who spend a lot of time with him. He spends a lot of his day talking!

Nap: Ben is a boy of extremes: he usually either doesn’t nap at all or will take a 2-3 hour nap!

Some pictures from the past year of our Benjamin's life:

With the ever-present blankie.  We had to institute a "blankie in bed only" rule!

Rocket Man!

I miss his hair being this length!  He hates haircuts so much that we have to cut it short so it will last longer!
Livin' that Florida life.

Spending some quality time with Great-Grandma Lynda.

We went to a portrait studio over the summer....these portraits were hard-fought!  Our photographer was a saint and a miracle worker!  I really have no idea how he got this shot in between the crying and screaming.

Here comes trouble!
Twinning with Aunt Emily and Cousin Anna.

Before the first day of school.

After the first day of school.  We were ALL tired that day!

Bedtime story with Grandpa.

Coloring with Grandma....perhaps "coloring" is a strong word!

Cheesin' it up with mom after a bath!

A dirt-streaked face makes for a happy Ben!

Playing is serious work!

Trick or treating....he got the hang of it really quickly!

Love my boy!

At the MUSE in Knoxville with Gigi.

Helping dad cut down our Christmas tree.

He likes to sleep Sunny Side Up!

Helping decorate our Christmas tree.

Take a look at this beautiful boy that I made!

Getting a push from big brother!
Third birthday dinner at Cracker Barrel.  He was a little confused as to why people were singing to him!

Sunday, September 17, 2017

Ben is 2.5 years old!

In some ways the second child is easier than the first.  As parents, we are more confident and knowledgeable with Ben than we were with his big brother.  However, each child is different, and our sweet Ben definitely challenges us as parents!  He is energetic, into everything, and prone to mood swings.  He is also more of a cuddler than his big brother, and has the sweetest manner of speech.  There isn't much that brings more joy to my heart than hearing him say, "Thanks, mama!"

Some stats:
Clothes: mostly 4T
Shoes: Size 7
Diapers: Size 5.  Not much interest in the potty yet.
Weight: 37 pounds
Height: 37 inches

Likes: Blowing bubbles,

Dislikes: doctors offices or anything resembling them

Speech: Ben is learning new words every day!  He is also starting to put words together more often.  He definitely took his time to start talking, but now he's really taking off!

Interests: Ben has taken a fancy to airplanes!  He loves to point them out during car trips.

Some pictures:

Doing some art at preschool.

Silly boy!

Ben discovered that the dog door is really fun!

Fun at Kindermusik!

That slide static can be brutal.

Ben was so funny during the Easter Egg Hunt at our church.  The eggs were not filled (you were supposed to trade in your empty eggs for a prize bag at the end). but he was NOT impressed with the empty eggs! 

Swings are so much fun!

We have great friends.

Those are some hyped up boys in the backseat!

Such a handsome fella!

A family picture at Daytona Beach!

He loves a good messy snack!

We had some portraits taken of the boys over the summer.  As soon as we got there Ben completely freaked out and I thought there was no way that we were going to get a good picture of him.  That photographer was a miracle worker!

Summer fun!

Hiking with Pappy and Gigi in the Great Smokey Mountains!

This is the first time that Ben met his newest cousin, Anna.  It was long overdue!

Boy is it hard to get a good picture of a group of youngsters!  This is all of my parent's grandchildren.

We cherish the time that we get to spend with family!

First day of school, August 2017.  Ben is attending preschool at our church this year.

My beautiful boys.

We weathered Hurricane Irma with little damage, thankfully.  Grandma and Grandpa stayed with us, along with their cat.  It was nice to have a few extra hands to handle all the energy that comes along with two little boys!

We were without power for two days after Hurricane Irma - at some point during the power outage the light switch in Ben's room got flipped on, so when power was restored during naptime, the light came on in his room.  He slept for his normal naptime even with the light on!

Ice cream is cooooold!

Saturday, July 15, 2017

Eli is Five Years Old!

Five feels so grown-up to this mama!  Eli has become so much more independent in his fifth year of life.  He is energetic, inquisitive, talkative, impulsive at times, empathetic, and brilliant.  He is learning what it means to be a big brother and usually treats Ben well.  Five is an enjoyable age in lots of ways, and we are often entertained by what we call "Eli-isms"- some of our favorites are when he says he has a "head-ick" (Headache) and when he asks for "Makeup syrup" on his panckes.

Some stats:
Height: 44 inches
Weight: 38 lbs
Clothes: size 5T.  We need the 5's in pants for the length but we have to pull the elastic tabs in all of his pants ALLLLL the way in - he is a skinny guy!  There have been times when he's accidentally put on his little brother's 3T shorts without noticing.
Shoes: Size 12.

Likes: playing with cars, trucks and any sort of vehicle (especially his Hot Wheels), playing outside, telling "jokes" (they don't make much sense yet, but he's starting to understand the concept of humor), watching TV (Power Rangers, Ninjago, Paw Patrol), bathtime, playing with big kids, playing on his tablet.

Dislikes: new experiences (he can go either way on them), fulfilling a non-desirable request, being still.  He has made a LOT of progress on tolerating haircuts!

Food: Eli is very thin but is generally a good eater, sometimes eating a lot in one sitting and sometimes not as much. His favorites include: carrots, green peas, chicken nuggets, lunchmeat and cheese, spaghetti, macaroni and cheese, yogurt, pretty much any kind of fruit....he will generally try new foods but usually doesn't enjoy them until he tries them several times.  He enjoys helping in the kitchen.

New Developments: the biggest change in Eli's life this year was definitely starting preschool.  He started out going for half the day (until lunchtime), and when mom went back to teaching he started staying for the full day.  He loved going to school for half the day but had a hard time adjusting to the longer full day.  He made great strides in his learning.  He knows all of his letters and the sounds and can count to 20 reliably.  His handwriting is improving rapidly and he can form most letters and numbers.

Some pictures of Eli's fifth year of life:

Picking blueberries with the ever-youthful Great-Grandma Lynda.

We ordered the "large" sub sandwich for Eli and mom to split.  We didn't know just how LARGE it would be!  Sometime's this kid's face slays me.

Florida babies at the beach!  Saint Augustine, Florida.

Cousins.  Only a month apart and so much love between them!

Joie De Vivre - this kid has it!

Eli has started to dabble with taking pictures.  We'll work on it.

The only time this kid is still!

I love this picture!  With grandma at the library (it got a little intense).

Eli got to see where Grandpa works!

First day of pre-K!  

Doing a little yoga with mom.

Choosing a pumpkin at the pumpkin patch.

Funhouse mirror shenanigans at a children's museum.

This guy's personality just bubbles over sometimes!  This is the pose he chose when I asked him to let me take a picture of him on a hike on North Carolina.

Lighting the Advent wreath with dad.  When he learned that Christmas Eve had finally come, he said "Oh boy, I finally get to light the red candle!"  What is it with little boys and playing with fire??

Happiness is having friends who take the time to play lightsabers with my kids.

With mom's parents (aka Pappy and Gigi)